Samson's Quest


Samson's Quest is a feature film about love and video games. Part romantic comedy and part coming-of-age drama, it is set in an alternate 1995 and chronicles our characters' attempt to beat the world's hardest game in one night. Olga is an gaming athlete on the cusp of breaking into Japan's professional scene -- everything depends on her performance in the upcoming Tokyo Invitational. Samson -- an aimless youth with his graduation looming -- accidentally deletes Olga's save data. She cannot compete without it. Now, with the help of his friends, Samson must find a way to complete the game before dawn.



Samson's Quest is set in an alternate 1995, one that has been amped up to capture the essence of the period: kaleidoscopic palettes, grunge fashion, and tasteless graphic design. Our production is putting a high priority on set design and wardrobe, aiming to transport the viewer back twenty years.


In 2014, e-sports is a rising phenomenon. Professional cyber athletes are battling in tournaments with six figure prizes and viewership in the hundreds of thousdands. E-sports has been increasingly discussed in mainstream American publications such as Time Magazine and Forbes, further expanding the fan base. All of these fans share the same humble 16-bit beginnings. The alternate timeline of Samson's Quest presupposes an early birth of e-sports, centered in Japan, where electronic athletes compete in the classics today's gamers know and cherish.


The surf town of Santa Cruz, with its iconic Beach Boardwalk and sandy coastline, is the ideal location to shoot our exteriors. Santa Cruz is rich with visual metaphors that resonate with the themes of our film: memory, childhood, and a yearning for the golden years.



Leader of his trio and a friend to many, Samson is at the top of his game. But with graduation one day away and his longtime companions about to vanish -- possibly forever -- Samson doesn't know where he'll go or what he'll do.



Olga is a middle finger flying in the face of traditional female leads. She is quick-witted, confrontational, and intimidating. Practicing by night and working a grueling food-service job by day, she leads a Spartan life with only one goal in mind: playing video games professionally in Japan.


Player 3: Keiko


Player 5: Tom


Player 6: Taylor

Tom and Taylor are Samson's lifelong companions and first recruits in salvaging the game. Unfortunately, neither of them are avid players. Taylor spends most of his time thrashing in the mosh pit and pouring over band merchandise. Tom is more familiar with the Greek Pantheon than the workings of a controller. Keiko is an estranged friend who'd rather eat broken glass than spend one minute with Taylor -- but she's the only one around who speaks Japanese.


The retro gaming community is a huge and diverse group, hailing from all over the globe. We've received help from donors in Australia, Malaysia, Scotland, Germany, Denmark, and Greece just to name a few. These people are anxious to see a film that is relevant to their interests and features artists they recognize. We've enlisted the help of some excellent contributors for our score and artwork.


Chipzel is one of the best loved musicians in the 'chiptune' genre, using audio hardware from classic consoles to craft 8-bit, hard-hitting, dance tracks that were featured on the indie success, Super Hexagon.

Final Form Games

Final Form Games is the publisher of the critically acclaimed Jamestown, a retrostyle arcade shooter that was featured on The Humble Bundle.


HELM and COCEFI are talented pixel artists hailing from Greece and Malaysia respectively. Helm is a master of the 8 bit form, while Cocefi paints detailed and colorful 16 bit images. Both have been featured on the Pixel Joint hall of fame.


chris rosenberg

Christopher Rosenberg

Writer and Director

Christopher Rosenberg was a child of the SNES generation and has long been trying to express what games mean to him. In 2010, he began writing a screenplay about love, videogames, and the 90s. Two years later, he relocated to Los Angeles in order to pursue its production and, ultimately, his long time dream of filmmaking. His previous work includes offbeat fictions like The Adventures of Whaley and Birdface, an existentialist children's book, and The Atlas Fugue, a short film about dissociative amnesia.

Chris works as a film editor and as an on set electrician. As a writer/director, he is influenced by Wong Kar Wai, Paul Thomas Anderson, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, and Luc Besson.


Wey Wang

Director of Photography

Wey Wang is a visual storyteller who is constantly honing his craft. He is one of the busiest DPs in the Los Angeles independent film industry. When he is off set (which is seldom), you'll find him devouring movies at your local multiplex or snapping photos with his rangefinder.

Stylistically, Wey is a devout romanticist. He believes in creating larger-than-life images and, when appropriate, using bold cinematic techniques. He is influenced by cinematographers like Janusz Kaminiski, Robert Elswit, Robert Richardson, Jordon Cronenweth, Roger Deakins, and Christopher Doyle.

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